Princess Christian's Army Nursing Service Reserve badge.

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Princess Christian's Army Nursing Service Reserve badge awarded to Maud Goodline, who trained at St Thomas's Hospital. She joined the reserve on 28 March 1900 and served in South Africa from 1894 to 1902.
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Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein (formerly Princess Helena, Queen Victoria’s daughter) was the chair of the Ladies Committee when the British Red Cross was formed in 1870.

Princess Christian provided significant assistance during the Franco-Prussian War, including recruiting nurses and distributing relief supplies. She maintained a keen interest in charity work and nursing throughout her life.

Princess Christian helped to fund the development of the first purpose-built hospital train commissioned in 1898. The hospital train was used to distribute relief items and transport the wounded during the Second Boer War. By the end of the war, it had transported 7,548 wounded soldiers.
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Princess Christian's Army Nursing Service Reserve
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