Medical pannier

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Disabled Sailors and Soldiers Workshops: Manufacturer
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Medical pannier with 6 tin boxes and list of contents in lid. Wicker and green canvas medicine chest with 6 black tin boxes, labelled A-F, and list of contents stuck to inside of the lid. Contents are missing. It has two rope handles and is divided into two by a metal plate across the centre. The edges are leather bound and it closes with metal clasps. Made by Disabled Sailors and Soldiers Workshops, Bournemouth 1939 of the Sailors and Soldiers Association. List of contents indicate the pannier was designed for Gas Treatment. The top of the pannier has been painted with the names F.C. Buxton and F.M. Hopkins, London, SW1. Once featured the emblem to front but this has been washed out and the name blacked out. On the back of the chest the following has been written 'Buxton/Chinese Christian Church/Kota Charu/via Tumpat.'
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