Album relating to the Red Cross service of Annie C Lewis

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Album of photographs, cuttings and documents mainly relating to the work of London/28 which was based in Kensington. It was compiled by Annie C Lewis, who was commandant of the detachment.
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White City military hospital opened 21 October 1914, closed 30 April 1915. temporary

scheme for replacing men with VADs started on 14 August 1915 whent members of three detatchments started work at 3rd London general hospital

3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth - 897 beds for officers and 987 for other ranks (Source: list of the various hosptials treating military cases in the United Kindgom, HMSO 1917)

Duties illustrated include British Red Cross aid to Belgian refugees in London 1914; White City Hospital; work at 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth, Sept 1915 - February 1916; Baltic and Corn Exchange Hospital at Paris-Plage and No 8 Red Cross Hospital.
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2423/1 (part)

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