poster illustrating the handwashing procedure

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Medium poster illustrating the handwashing procedure: 'Each step consisting of five strokes backwards and forwards. 1 Palm to palm. 2 Right palm to back of left hand and left palm to back of right palm. 3 In-between fingers of both hands. 4 Backs of fingers to opposite palms and the other way round. 5 Rub right thumb in left palm and left thumb in right palm. 6 Rub clasped fingers of right hand in left palm and the other way round. Wet hands under running water. Place soap into a cupped hand. Handwash for 10-15 seconds covering all areas of the hands, without adding more water. Rinse hands thoroughly under running water. Dry hands thoroughly with a disposable paper towel.' Ref. 1871.
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British Red Cross Society

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