One of a set of large posters illustrating the services of the British Red Cross: Medical Loans Depots.

Production date
Circa 1947

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Large poster with 6 black and white illustrations (photographic): Medical Loans Depots: The interior of a Medical Loan Depot. The Officer-in-charge is checking equipment with her assistant. Medical equipment can be hired for a few pence weekly, thus saving the patient or his family the expense of purchase. Crutches hired from the Medical Loan Depot mean that this patient can get about instead of being confined to his bed. Sun and fresh air are vital for convalescence. Recovery is hastened for the patient who is able to sit out in the fresh air in a wheel-chair borrowed from the Medical Loan Depot. All equipment is sterilised before re-issue. This nursing member is about to take out china and glass articles which have been boiled. Air-rings and rubber bedding are always carbolised before returning to store. Service Series No. 3 issued from 14, Grosvenor Crescent, SW1. Printed by I. Labworth & Co., Tudor Road, London, E9. Poster can also be seen in a photograph in the British Red Cross Society Quarterly Review, Vol. 35, No. 4, October 1948 p.212.
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