One of a set of large posters illustrating the services of the British Red Cross: British Red Cross Help in Almoners Department.

Production date
Circa 1947

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Large poster with 6 black and white illustrations (photographic): BRCS Help in Almoners Departments: The Hospital Almoner and a BRCS Officer who is to help with visiting and after-care, examine case-papers together. Red Cross Members assist in Almoners' Departments with general clerical work and with the making of appointments. Patients who have to make a long journey prior to attending at out-patient Departments find a Canteen a very welcome addition. Visiting days are few so the Red Cross Travelling Shop is of real value to in-patients. It supplies needs, such as writing paper, envelope, and toilet requisites. On leaving hospital, patients too ill to travel alone are accompanied by a Red Cross Member. The H.C.S. car is driven by a BRCS Officer. Many hospital patients need after-care and following-up. This experienced Red Cross Officer relieves the Hospital Almoner by helping with this side of the work, and will submit a report of her visit. Service Series No. 9 issued from 14, Grosvenor Crescent, SW1. Printed by I. Labworth & Co., Tudor Road, London, E9.
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British Red Cross Society

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