One of a set of large posters illustrating the services of the British Red Cross: Foundations of the Future. Nurseries and Nursery Service.

Production date
Circa 1947

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Large poster with 6 black and white illustrations (photographic): Foundations of the Future: Nurseries & Nursery Service. The city roads make poor playgrounds for very small people, delicate, convalescent and frail children need fresh air, good food and regular hours. Dangerous! But Exercise, All children need healthful exercise, but preferably in open surroundings. At this nursery the play space is unlimited: Plenty of space to play in, and lots of grass to fall on. Meal-Time's best of all! Especially if you've a pretty Red Cross nurse to feed you! Bathing is fun when there is plenty of hot water, and someone to play with, and all the while, these tiny tots are learning lessons in health and cleanliness which they will never forget. And so to bed! Clean, Warm, and happy; good citizens in the making. Service Series No. 1 issued from 14, Grosvenor Crescent, SW1. Printed by I. Labworth & Co., Tudor Road, London, E9.
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British Red Cross Society

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