One of a set of large posters illustrating the services of the British Red Cross: Old Age in a New Age. Senior Clubs.

Production date
Circa 1947

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Large poster with 6 black and white illustrations (photographic): Old Age in a New Age: Senior Clubs. Loneliness-one of the sorrows of old age. There are many aged folk who long for companionship, but who, because they are so alone and forgotten, lose all courage to live. The British Red Cross senior club members find a friendly welcome, pleasant company, and a nice hot cup of tea! Club afternoons are busy times. Knitting goes twice as fast accompanied by cheerful chatter. Occupation of mind and hand, competition in skill and ingenuity, satisfactory results, make club afternoons something to look forward to. Members can recall happy memories and discover new worlds in the senior club library. These members are having a last rehearsal of carol singing for the club concert. They formed their own choir and have enjoyed and given great happiness through it. Service Series No. 6 issued from 14, Grosvenor Crescent, SW1. Printed by I. Labworth & Co., Tudor Road, London, E9.
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British Red Cross Society

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