British Red Cross first aid kit in soft case

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AKLA (estab. 1926): Manufacturer
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A British Red Cross first aid kit in a soft case. Case is white and zips up and has symbols at the front: house: caravan: boat and car. Inside it has 3 stations: 1 for small cuts and scrapes, 2 for medium cuts and scrapes and 3 for severe bleeding. In the inside cover it shows you how to use the objects in a safe and effective way. On the back cover it has the basic principles of first aid. The kit was designed for those with little or no knowledge of first aid. The contents are packaged according to the type of injury they are designed to treat. Simple diagrams and instructions on the inside show how to use them.
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This first aid kit was developed with the motorist in mind as a hard box could be dangerous in the event of an accident, the kit is a soft cushion.
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