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Small poster: The Red Cross in London. The London Red Cross year: we are proud to number among our caring services for London and Londoners the provision of first aid posts, escort duties, helping the elderly and disabled, medical loan depots, a great range of welfare services, international tracing, beauty care and cosmetic camouflage treatment: also training in nursing, first aid, special social work and beauty care. The London branch of the British Red Cross Society serves the whole of Greater London and its population of some 7 million. The Branch consists of a Headquarters in Victoria, a City Sector Office and 53 Centres in the Boroughs. Within the organisation there are 85 First Aid Nursing Groups, 104 Members' Groups, 56 Youth Groups, 29 Junior Groups and 5,784 general service members. In the course of a typical year we set up well over 4,000 first aid posts at public events in London, manned by trained first aiders. We have 36 ambulances, and provide transport/escort services for over 5,000 patients crossing London. For the elderly and disabled we organise holidays and run 3 homes and 38 clubs. Our 61 medical loan depots lend wheelchairs and other medical aids. We visit and care for the sick, the aged and the housebound, and shop for them. In hospitals we run trolley and static shops. We assist the international tracing service by seeking 200 or more missing relatives. 259 members trained in beauty care & manicure treat hundreds of patients in hospitals and homes, while in 30 hospitals our cosmetic camouflage teams minister to victims of severe disfigurement. Training is the backbone of our work. In a huge annual programme we train over 12,000 members of the public in first aid and nursing, awarding over 7,000 Industrial First Aid Certificates. We train some 160 members in specialised social work, and 136 in beauty care. The Red Cross is predominantly a volunteer organisation, but its work in London still costs nearly £1 3/4 million a year. We receive no subsidy of any kind. To continue, we depend of the generosity of wellwishers. WE DEPEND ON YOU!
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British Red Cross Society. London Branch. Chislehurst Centre

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