British Red Cross skin camouflage service kit

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Skin camouflage service kit. Therapeutic Care Service bag containing: folder containing 21 Veil Cover Cream samples, board containing 7 Veil Cover Cream samples, clear plastic case (containing sponges, brushes, bin liners and a sample of sun cream), Toning Lotion, Moisturising Lotion, Barrier Cream, Cleansing and Moisturising Cream, Fixing spray, Matting Cream, Bronze Shimmer Dust, empty plastic bottle with spray attachment, Keromask masking cream x9, SPF50 lipscreen, stack of 9 pots containing powder, stack of 6 small pots containing powder, mini-palette of Dermacolour camouflage make-up x3, tin containing Dermacolour samples x2,plastic tray containing samples of Covermark foundations, plastic mirror, booklet A cover cream guide to Skin Colour Matching and leaflets.
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