Boxed presenation plaque from the Vilufushi Women's Development Committee

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Boxed presenation plaque from the Vilufushi Women's Development Committee. Plaque in red velvet case with a label on the outside that says 'With the compliments of the Women's Development Committee of the. Vilufushi, Rep. of Maldives.' On the plaque itself is written the following:
'The Women's Development Committee acknowledges the generous aid rendered by the British Red Cross in the reconstructing Th. Vilufushi destroyed by the Tsunami on 26th December 2004, and for the gifts accorded to the women's community of Vilufushi. We take this opportunity to thank the British Red Cross on behalf of the women of Vilufushi. With compliments of Women's Development Committee of Th. Vilufushi, Republic of Maldives. 24 May 2009.'
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Such committee's were already active on the islands so we worked alongside them to ensure there was a good gender balance in our community task forces.
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