Diorama featuring the Gold Coast Branch of the British Red Cross Mobile Maternity and Child Welfare Clinic

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Diorama featuring a mobile maternity and child welfare clinic.

This is a three-dimensional model constructed of wood, with painted detail. The scene is a village on the Gold Coast, in Africa, featuring a white Red Cross van, marked ‘Mobile Maternity and Child Welfare Unit’, and figures of nurses, and local men, women and children, waiting to be treated.

The Gold Coast – now the country of Ghana, in West Africa – was still a British colony at the time of this model’s construction, and the immediate impression it gives, for me, is of an idealized paradise, all azure skies, lush greenery, and hot sunshine, indicated by the two villagers lounging under colourful parasols.

Audio Recording by Treena Warren (Volunteer), London.
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Overseas branches of the British Red Cross were formed in countries which were part of the British Empire. Once these countries became independent, they formed recognised national Red Cross or Crescent societies.

The Gold Coast Branch of the British Red Cross was founded on 11 June 1932. Following the granting of independence to the country in 1957, the Gold Coast Branch of the British Red Cross was closed after 25 years. The new Ghana Red Cross was subsequently established in October 1957. At the same time, the maternity clinics that the British Red Cross had been so instrumental in developing were taken over by the new Ghanaian government.
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British Red Cross Society. Oxfordshire Branch

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