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Poster focusing on food security, encouraging young people to reflect on their lives and those of their peers. Size A1, reference YEP1303, available to purchase through online shop. Text reads: 'Everybody needs food. But not everybody gets the same amount. And not everyone knows where their next meal will come from.' There is a comparison between Mary from Opimo village, Uganda and Cathy, from London, England, who are pictured in the poster. Mary is quoted as saying: 'We plant seens in our garden and we pick the vegetables. My beans grew very well in the first harvest, but the rains have now been far too much. Cathy is quoted as saying: 'I try to shop for food locally whereever possible. But it is easy to rely on the big supermarket which is open so often and has all kinds of different foods to buy at good prices.'
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British Red Cross Society, London Branch.

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