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Poster focusing on water shortages, encouraging young people to reflect on their lives and those of their peers. Size A1, reference YEP1302, available to purchase through online shop. Text reads: 'Everybody needs water. But not everybody gets the same amount. And it doesn't come from the same place.' There is a comparison between Chloe, aged 11 from the UK and Viey Savet, aged 12 from Cambodia who are pictured in the poster. Chloe is quoted as saying: 'I wash, clean my teeth and drink water from the tap. I fill the cat's bowl with water and boil water to make my mum a cup of tea.' Viey Savet is quoted as saying: 'Our water comes from the lake. We bathe and brush our teeth with water from the lake. My parents boil the water for cooking.'
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British Red Cross Society, London Branch.

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