bookmark, International Day of the Disappeared , 30 August 2010

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Bookmark issued by British Red Cross as part of the 'Forget-me-not' campaign to promote the International Day of the Disappeared, 30 August 2010. Attached to the bookmark is a red and white flower shaped packet of seeds with the words 'Plant me' printed on them. On the front of the bookmark is the British Red Cross emblem, with 'Forget-me-not. International Day of the Disappeared, 30 August' printed horizontally. On the reverse of the bookmark the statement: 'Every year people disappear in conflicts and their fate is still unknown. On 30 August please plant these seeds to keep their memories alive'. Contact details of the British Red Cross International Tracing and Message Services, which helps families separated by conflict, natural disaster or migration , are also printed on the reverse of bookmark.
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