Higginson's syringe

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Higginson's syringe. Not strictly a syringe in the conventional sense, the device consists of a flexible self-inflating rubber bulb connected to rubber tubing at each end. The ends are equipped with 1-way valves to ensure unidirectional flow of fluid. There is a rectal applicator at one end and a tubing connector at the other. Designed for administering liquid enemas. The bulb itself has the makers mark embossed in red ink reading 'Regaid.' The kit also includes a bung which is black in colour with a handle to one end and screw threading to the other and a piece of rubber piping which is open at one end and rounded at the other. This piece of piping also has pin hole to the rounded end. Finally there is a lozenge shaped piece of rubber with a hole to its centre. The kit is contained in a lozenge shaped tin box, sprayed a gold colour with white flowers around the edge of the tine and the edge of the lid. The interior of the tin is sprayed a pastel blue/green and the lid has an image of the equipment and some descriptions for use and the base of the tin has directions for use. 'Boot Cash Chemist' is printed with these directions inside the tin.
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