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Maw, S and Sons: Manufacturer
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Green, metal first aid box with a white cross on the hinged lid containing a typed list of list of contents dated 17/10/43 that had previously been fixed to the inside of the lid. The items on the list do not fully correspond with the actual contents which are: packet of lint, eye shade, bicarbonate of soda, circular tin of valeline, 2 finger bandages, box of boric lint, packet of white absorbant gauze, mine dressings, small bottle of smelling salts, 2 containers of permanganate of potash, which states on the label: 'Disinfectant and Deordoriser, recommended as a gargle for the throat and wash for ulcers and tired feet'; a botte of liquid paraffin (drops for the eyes), large, medicated wound dressings, 3 packets of white open weave bandages (2in wide, 6 yards long), 'Tannafax' tannic acid jelly, tube of veganin tablets, tounaquet.
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List of contents: 2 oz packets cotton wool; 1 gray triangular bandage; 4 1/2 oz pkts absorbant lint; 2 pkts absorbant gauze; 2 large burn dressings; 2 large medicated wound dressings; 1 medium burn dressing; 2 medium medicated dressings; 2 2" white bandages; 4 1" white bandages; 2 standard finger dressings; 1 eye shade No.7.; 1 box rustless safety pins; 1 bottle smelling salts; 1 bottle OPTREX eye lotion; 1 bottle T.C.P. antiseptic; 1 tannic acid jelly (for burns); 1 large sectional splints; 1 coil elastoplast; 1 tin sanoid antiseptic ointment; 1 tin vaseline; 1 jar anti-gas ointment No.2.; 1 pkt genasperins; 1 tube veganin tablets; 1 pair scissors; 1 pair tweezers; 1 small brush; 1 tourniquet.
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