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Wardle Cotton Co.: Manufacturer
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Black, metal first aid box with a white cross in a red circle on the front and hinged lid, cream interior and two leaflets: 'Factories Act 1961. Advice on First Aid Treatment. Published for the Department of Employment by Her Majesty's Stationery Office' that includes advice for 'Minor Wounds and Scratches' 'Serious Injuries' under headings of 'Bleeding' 'Fractures' 'Burns' and 'Scalds'; 'Eye Injuries' 'Electric Shock' and 'Gassing.' Some of the items contained in the box are listed as a footer:

1.) Sterilized dressing: an unmedictaed dressing with bandage, sterilized and put up in an individual packet. 2.) Adhesive wound dressing: special type of dressing approved by certificate of H.M. Cheif Inspector of Factories. 3.) Eye-pad: a pack containing a sterilized pad with a long bandage attached. 4.) Eye-ointment: an ointment approved by certificate of H.M. Chief Inspector of factories.

The box contains: one long piece of grey rubber with fabric and tapes sticked at each end, presumably used to stop bleeding or support a limb; three packets of cotton wool in blue paper packets; two triangular calico bandages in brown paper packets, size 40" x 56 1/2 "; translucent rubber first aid bandage in a roll with label, length 48", width 2 1/2 ", gauge .020"; three large wound dressings in paper packaging; two large strerised coal mine first aid sressings in blue packaging with labels; two small lint dressings in boxes; one reel of mauve cotton, ten wooden splints of three different lengths, two of which have removable metal casing; four large safety pins.
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