Water purification kit

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Pond's Extract Co. Ltd: Manufacturer
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Water purification kit labelled 'Emergency Outfit for the Immediate Purification of Contaminated Water' in plain brown box. Box contains a water purification kit: glass bottle of five sodium thiosulph grm 0.45 tablets with a cork stopper, label with instructions reads: 'Add one tablet to each two gallons of water'; three glass vials of NaOCl, 2 1/2 % available Cl. with labels: 'To add to each two gallons of water.' Two other sectons for vials are empty.
Leaflet on water sterilisation explains the process of steriliation by adding Chlorine released from Hypochlrite of Soda Solution. Leaflet begins: 'Fatalities in wartime are unfortunately unavoidable but illness and death from an Epidemic caused by drinking infected water can and must be prevented.' Directions for use appear on a label on the front of the box.
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