Barnett Hill drawings by John Kennedy, 1973

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Set of eleven drawings by John Kennedy, produced for the first souvenir leaflet of Barnett Hill in 1973. Illustrations of different areas of Barnett Hill and some of the original individual features: the entrance to the house; exterior of the building; the entrance hall; William Kent table, made of gilt and marble veneered on slate, main staircase leading to the Long Gallery; the Drawing Room; the Writing Room, 17th century Sicilian wedding chest; 1771 grandfather clock; part of the garden showing the sundial; one of the crystal chandeliers. Drawings are framed by grey, card mounting board, with 'Barnett Hill: John Kennedy: 1973' in white.
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Barnett Hill: John Kennedy: 1973: Text in white on mounting board that frames drawings, positioned underneath
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Barnett Hill House

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