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A gold fob watch, attached to a chain with a brass crucifix at the end, made on the 21st of February 1917. The initials FAJ are inscribed on the reverse side of the watch, which belonged to F.A. Jones, a much awarded member of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, who was at the Churchfields hospital, Staffordshire at that time.

The watch was a wedding gift to Erica Chesshire, a Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse at the hospital who was also awarded for her service. The watch was stored in a wooden cigarette box, and the story says that Brigadier Jones took a leave of absence from the hospital until 6pm on that day, so that he could be present for their wedding.

This is one of the many stories during the First World War, or during any war for that matter, that proves one fundamental truth. That love can bloom even, if not more so, in the battlefield.

Audio recording by Leo Mitrakos (Volunteer), Edinburgh.
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This was a wedding gift from Brig. F.A. Jones to Erica Chesshire on 21 February 1917. When they married Brig. Jones was granted a leave of absence from the hospital until 6pm for the occasion.
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Belonged to: F Jones

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