Proficiency in Red Cross Hygiene and Sanitation

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J Gaunt (b.1884, d.1991): Medal/badge smith
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Proficiency in Red Cross Hygiene and Sanitation (No 998) awarded to Mr Percy J North.
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Issued between 1914 and 1968. Proficiency Badges were awarded in the following areas of Red Cross work: First Aid, Nursing, Hygiene & Sanitation, Cookery, Administration and Organisation, Tuberculosis Course, Infant and Child Welfare, First Aid in Chemical Warfare, Anti-Gas training, Air Raid Precautions Training, Civil Defence, Welfare Services, Hospital Librarianship and Maternal & Child Welfare. In order to receive a proficiency badge, the member needed to complete three successive Red Cross certificates in the appropriate subject. Certificates acquired through other approved examining bodies could count towards the award.
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