Proficiency badge: ARP Training

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J Gaunt (b.1884, d.1991)
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Proficiency badge: ARP Training (9598)
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Issued between 1914 and 1968. Proficiency Badges were awarded in the following areas of Red Cross work: First Aid, Nursing, Hygiene & Sanitation, Cookery, Administration and Organisation, Tuberculosis Course, Infant and Child Welfare, First Aid in Chemical Warfare, Anti-Gas training, Air Raid Precautions Training, Civil Defence, Welfare Services, Hospital Librarianship and Maternal & Child Welfare. In order to receive a proficiency badge, the member needed to complete three successive Red Cross certificates in the appropriate subject. Certificates acquired through other approved examining bodies could count towards the award.

In preparation for war, in 1939 140 British Red Cross officers attended courses of instruction in at the Government Air Raid Precaution Schools and became ARPS instructors. Red Cross Instructors trained the public in air raid precautions throughout the country and 104,697 anti-gas certificates were issued. In London many members became qualified as ARP instructors and there was full co-operation with ARP organisations.Once the heavy bombing began officers and members of detachments engaged in ARP work
were constantly employed, while others maintained sick bays for evacuees, and centres for those who had lost their homes.
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