Scrapbook created by Marjorie Howell while she was a nurse for the British Red Cross

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The scrapbook is arranged according to the different places that Marjorie Howell worked as a nurse for the British Red Cross during the First World War. The section on the London Hospital, Whitechapel dated September to December 1914 contains photographs of Marjorie, Tredegar House in Bow and the London Hospital, along with a drawing by Emmanuel Lutte. The section on Fairhope Red Cross Hospital, Pendleton contains photographs of the hospital and nurses including Marjorie. The section for Lady Ridley's Hospital for Officers dated 1915 contains a note from Rosamond Ridley, poems, photographs of staff with autographs and photographs of patients.

The book also contains Red Cross Christmas greetings cards sent to London/52. There is one for each year 1915-1918. There is also a Christmas card from the 3rd Seaforth Highlanders, Cromarty from 1917.

The final section of the book is from 'Peace Day' on 19 July 1919 containing photographs and a leaflet from the service of thanksgiving on 9 February 1919 for Chelsea and Westminster Divisions.

A copy of the Evening Standard from 11 November 1918 with news of the armistice has been placed in the back of the book.
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Marjorie Howell enrolled with the British Red Cross in January 1912 as a quartermaster in East Lancashire VAD 54. She undertook three months of training at the London Hospital between September and November 1914. She then served at Fair Hope British Red Cross Hospital in Pendleton, Manchester from January to March 1915 and again from September to November 1915. While she was at Fair Hope she worked full-time on the wards. She then served at Ridley House Hospital, 10 Carlton House Terrace, London from May 1915 to May 1918 as a VAD nurse doing ward and hall work. Her service totalled approximately three years full-time and 350 hours part-time. She was attached to London/52 and was still serving in 1919. (Source: First World War general index of personnel)
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