Proficiency in Red Cross First-Aid

Maker and role
London J.R. Gaunt: Medal/badge smith
Production date
Circa 1955-1960

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Pendant in the shape of the geneva cross with red cross in white shield at the centre surrounded by the words, 'The British Red Cross Society'. The pendent is suspended on a white ribbon which has two vertical red stripes. On the top of the ribbon is a red and gold ornamental brooch with a small red cross emblem at the top. The brooch contains the words, 'Proficiency in' with 'Red Cross First-Aid' on a scroll beneath. The ribbon also features a gold bar with '2' in red in the centre. Instituted in 1914 this badge was awarded to those members of the British Red Cross who had received three successive certificates in First Aid. There had to have been an interval of at least twelve months between the date of each certificate gained. Certificates acquired through other approved examining bodies could also count towards the award. When the fourth certificate was gained an for each successive certificate afterwards a bar was awarded which contained the number of the additional certificates held. In 1948 the interval between the first and second and second and third certificates was reduced to six months.
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