Reproduction book parcel of the type sent to British prisoners of war by the Joint War Organisation of the British Red Cross and Order of St John during Second World War.

Production date
Circa 1939-1945

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Reproduction the Second World War Prisoners of War Book Parcel. Cardboard box covered with brown paper tied with string featuring two white labels, one of which contains the emblems of the British Red Cross Society and the Order of St John, the other giving the delivery details. Part of a collection of items which were used at the POW Exhibitions which were held during the Second World War.
Collection Type
Printed: Prisoner of War Post; Kriegsgenfangenenpost; Service des prisonniers de guerre; Permit PW274; FOL.......; This parcel contains the.......selection of the PRISONERS OF WAR BOOK SERVICE; FROM PENGUIN BOOKS LIMITED WEST DRAYTON ENGLAND: blnks are filled in with hadwriting as is address to which parcel is to be sent
on white sticker to front of parcel
printed in red ink
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