[Original] laminated poster produced by the British Red Cross Society and the Order of St John. Featuring a man studying with books in a room on a small wooden box. Guard standing outside the window.

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Poster printed during the Second World War to generate awareness of the academic needs of the British prisoners of war.
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Printed: PRISONERS OF WAR NEED BOOKS FOR STUDY. WILL YOU HELP THEM? Houndreds of Britsh prisoners of war are preparing for examinations. The Educational Books Section of the Red Cross and St. John is doing everything possible to help them. But many of the books needed are now unobtainable. So will you help? The prisoner students need MODERN text-books dealing with arts, science, commerce, theology, law, engineering, banking, architecture, languages and many other subjects. PLEASE SEND ANY CLEAN UNMARKED BOOKS YOU CAN SPARE TO:The secretary, Educational Books Section, Prisoners of War, marking the parcel "for general use". RED CROSS & St. JOHN WAR ORGANISATION.:
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Joint War Organisation of the British Red Cross Society and the Order of St John of Jerusalem

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