Norfolk Branch - Selection Board Decisions for World War One Recruitment

File contains selection board papers for the following individuals:

Salmon, Kathleen; Randell, Margaret; Raines, Alvina May; Burton-Pye, Ethel; Proudfoot, Elsie; Pick, Leila Mary; Thompson, Hilda; Hatch, Alice; Tresson, Jessie (nee Chase); Thorne, Rosamund; Hudson, Gladys; Holt, Cecilia; Holliday, Elizabeth; Holden, Dorothy Kate; Tennant, Hilda; Wood Smith, Evelyn; Swainson, Norah D.; Simes, Georgette M.; Sands, Winifred;
Peterson, Violet H.; Nutman, Ada; Mullen, Ida; Minister, Bessie; Meale, Emma J.; Matthews, May H.; Leeder, Ada; Larter, May Lily; Kerr, Marjorie Kathleen; Hyde, Ethel; James, Hannah C.; Hudson, Lena; Humphrey, Victoria Alice; Hardyman, Florence N.; Grimmer, May; Gray, Olive M.; Everitt, Gladys Dorcas; Yaxley, Dorothy Anne; Waterson, Marie; Wren, Constance; Wilson, Jessie; Walden, Louisa J.; Vanham, Florence E.; Unthank, Dorothy; Turner, Millicent; Aldous, Emma; Fisher, Marion Maud; Flood, Dora; Dixon, Susan E.; Harvey, Constance; Harrison, Maud; Angell, Gladys Dorothy; Allen, Ruth; Baldwin, Ethel; Beckett, Rosetta Gertrude; Billham, Mabel L.; Blyth, Violet E.; Bostock, Josephine; Bowles, Alice; Bowles, May; Brown, Phyllis E.; Browne, Gladys; Chandler, Fanny H.; Church, Ivy; Colls, B.R.; Comley, Alexandrina; Culley, Helen; Daglass, Florence L.; Daines, Florence; Goodwin, Muriel G.; Davey, Alice F.; Davidson, Eva; Dawson, Kathleen; Dickenson, Louie Rachel; Dixon, Isobel
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The Norfolk branch was formed around 1909, and by 1913 Norfolk had 28 districts.
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