Photograph of the V.H.D's 2nd and 13th, 1935

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Black and white group photograph with the following names written at the bottom: B. O'Dell, G. Catlyn, T. Bullen, P. Scrivener, R. Bragan, A.D. Clarke, E. Leeke, B. Smith, C. Lucas, D. Hodder, O. Rickard, C. Longland, M. Heffer, W. Williams, C. Wightman, F. Clarke, E. Cann, W. Worth, J. Dent, A.J. Webster, D.F. Smith, E. Newman, G.S. Jones, S.W.A.Ginn, C. Bidwell, E. Phillips, W.J. Elbourne, H. North, A.T. Cowell, D.E. Ashman, A. Narlborough, M. Layton, W. Lee, V. Swann, H. Mallett, A. Fisher, T. Alsop, T. Rooke, E. Freeman, D. Royes, E. Pigott, W.E. Greener, D. Piggott, J. Tingey, M. Littlechild, Dr. Hedgecock, J. Marshall, Miss Robson, Mrs Pryor, Miss Bishop, S.W. Ginn, Dr Billington, F.W. Moore, J. Squires, P.J. North, G. Ward, F. Miller, M. Miller, P. King
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