Postcard to 'Darling Daddy' from Jennefer Davidson, aged 10 months old

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Postcard to 'Darling Daddy' from Jennefer Davidson, aged 10 months old, sent from Changi prison in Singapore. The postcard is dated 1943.

Daphne was pregnant when she was sent to Changi prison in March 1942. A few months later, in July, she gave birth to Jennefer in a maternity hospital in Singapore. Baby Jennefer only met her father once during the war, in March 1943, when she was eight months old. He was brought along with other men from the military camp to see their families in the prison. They were given one hour to be together, which Daphne described as "so precious and so full of fear for the future." Daphne sent this postcard on Jennefer’s behalf a couple of months after this event, when she was just 10 months old.

Mother and daughter remained in Changi prison until May 1944 and were not liberated until August 1945. The British Red Cross had provided them initially with food and toys, and then gave them winter clothes when they returned to England.

Being myself the granddaughter of World War Two refugees who had to leave their country and families to start over, I felt warmhearted by the love Daphne put in raising her daughter alone in such unfortunate conditions. The way she wrote on her daughter’s behalf shows clearly the hopes of being reunited with her partner to live together as a family which, fortunately, they were able to do once the war was over.

Audio recording by Valeria Miranda (Volunteer), Edinburgh.
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