Ceramic feeding cup stamped 'Kensington Infirmary

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Defries & Sons
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Ceramic feeding cup stamped 'Kensington Infirmary, Marloes Rd' in a blue, circular design.
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Cup used by British Red Cross volunteers at Kensington Infirmary during the First World War. Kensington had a number of detachments of trained volunteers to supplement the paid nursing staff. The feeding cup has one handle and partially covered lid to prevent spills. The teapot style spout enabled the cup to be used at a less steep angle when drinking. This design was in wide use from the late Nineteenth century, later versions were produced in enamel and plastic. Prior to the establishment of the National Health Service British Red Cross volunteers helped out at hospitals and organised many welfare services within local communities, these included medical equipment service, meals on wheels and beauty care.
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Kensington Infirmary
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