Misc. L: Lady Limerick

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This file consists of various bundles of correspondence and related documentation regarding Lady Limerick, Vice President of the British Red Cross Society. These include bundles labelled: 'Misc. L: Lady Limerick' (12 Dec 1969-06 Oct 1980); 'Misc. L: Limerick - Lady, American Red Cross Tribute to' (24-29 Jun 1976); 'Misc. L: Limerick - Lady, Appointment as Vice President' (26 Jan 1976-03 Dec 1981); 'Limerick - Lady, Biography of' (20 Nov 1973-23 Jan 1974); 'Misc. L: Limerick - Lady, Birthday Celebration' (30 Aug 1977); 'Misc. L: Limerick, Lady (Deceased)' (29 Apr 1981-16 Feb 1982); 'Misc. L: Limerick, Lady, Henri Dunant Medal Award to' (1975); 'Limerick, Lady, Swedish Red Cross Award' (23 Nov 1976-31 Jan 1978); 'Misc. L: Limerick - Lady, Invitation to Visit Vietnam' (13 Jan-19 Mar 1971); 'Misc. L: Limerick, Lady, Journey to Lichtenstein' (1970); 'Misc. L: Limerick, Lady, Presentation to' (25 Nov 1963-10 Jul 1964); 'Misc. L: Limerick - Lady, Retirement Party in Tehran' (12 Sep 1973-02 Jan 1974); 'Misc. L: Limerick - Lady, Retirement of' (05 Nov 1963-03 Feb 1964); 'Misc. L: Limerick - Lady, Visit to America' (1962); Misc. L: Limerick, Lady, Visit to Hayward's Heath' (nd); 'Misc. L : Limerick, Lady, Visit to Jersey' (nd).
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