British Red Cross Society annual report for 1924 with a statement of accounts

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The report contains information on: key headquarters personnel; Branch presidents, secretaries, county directors and county controllers; summary of work and events during 1924; the junior section; news from county branches; and the capital accounts and income and expenditure accounts for the year ending 31 December 1924.

Some of the main events during 1924 were: the introduction of a new scheme for the organisation of Voluntary Aid Detachments; the extension of the Hospital Library Service; providing assistance to recently formed British Empire Cancer Campaign; providing first aid and a day nursery at the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley; taking over the management of health lectures from the Joint Council; and the recognition of junior work as an established part of the Society.
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During the First World War and for the immediate post-war period the main work of the British Red Cross was reported in the annual reports of the Joint War Committee and Joint Council respectively. By 1924 the Order of St John and the British Red Cross were working independently and the decision was made to issue separate annual reports. This report is the first issued by the British Red Cross.
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