Photograph of Mrs Olive Edmunds with first aid equipment

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This black and white photograph, dated 1975-1976, shows Mrs Olive Edmunds, a member of the Truro Division of the Cornwall Branch of the British Red Cross, with first aid equipment. As a member of the British Red Cross, Mrs Edmunds fulfilled a lifetime ambition when she flew a helicopter in order to escort a patient from the mainland to the Scilly Isles. After she qualified, she transported many patients and disabled people all over the country as part of the escort service run by the British Red Cross.

This story of how one woman achieved her lifetime ambition with the organisation whilst helping people in crisis, is incredibly inspiring. From this story you can sense the strength of character and sheer determination that Mrs Edmunds had, and the British Red Cross played a key role in empowering her to achieve her dreams. Looking at the photograph, you can clearly see that Mrs Edmunds is incredibly proud of herself. Her smile alone projects her passion. The British Red Cross empowers women worldwide and really helps individuals to unlock their true potential.

Audio recording by Charlotte Davies (Volunteer), Birmingham.
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