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Vase ttiled 'Home', it features scenes from young refugees homeland in Eritrea, including a family holding hands and a market stall full of fruit and vegetables. Smaller depictions, which include camels, mountains, a school and a traditional Eritrean coffee ceremony, complement the larger scenes to represent some of the young artists’ most poignant memories of home. Inspired by the ceramics of British artist Grayson Perry, CBE.

Very often, young people are forced to make perilous journeys to reach the UK because there are no safe or legal routes to find safety. Eritreans are the fourth largest group of asylum seekers in the United Kingdom. Many people flee Eritrea to escape the indefinite conscription that can mean a lifetime of military service. On their route to safety young Eritreans coming to the UK have braved the world’s deadliest migrant trail, across the Sahara and the Mediterranean to Europe. Tragically, most of them know someone who has been kidnapped or tortured, or have lost someone who has drowned on this journey.
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