British Red Cross Society Voluntary Medical Services Medal

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Toye, Kenning & Spencer Ltd (estab. 1885): Maker

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British Red Cross Society Voluntary Medical Services Medal in a black leather presentation box. Included in the box is the medal, a medal miniature and a silver medal clasp displaying the Geneva Cross.
Awarded to members who have completed 15 years qualifying service in the British Reed Cross Society or St Andrews Ambulance Corps. Service for the medal counts from the inception of the Voluntary Aid Detachments Scheme in 1909. A clasp to the medal bearing either the Geneva or St Andrews cross is awarded for each successive five years qualified service.

The medal is worn only on ceremonial occasions. On non-ceremonial occasions, a riband of the medal is worn and each additional 5 years’ service is represented by a silver emblem bearing a Geneva or St Andrews cross. 20 years’ additional service is represented by a gilt emblem which replaces three silver emblems. Second, third and fourth gilt emblems denote 25, 30 and 35 years’ additional service respectively.
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