Dr John Alcindor (1873-1924)

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Circa 1914-1919

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Dr John Alcindor (1873-1924).
Black and white photograph dated between 1914 and 1919.
Image source: https://jeffreygreen.co.uk/dr-john-alcindor-1873-1924/
Dr John Alcindor, born in Trinidad, was a physician and activist for racial equality who overcame prejudice and discrimination to help others during the First World War. Dr Alcindor came to Britain after winning a medical scholarship to attend Edinburgh University. Despite having a medical degree and experience of working in several London hospitals, in addition to establishing his own general practice in Paddington, he was rejected by the Royal Army Medical Corps during the war because of his origin.

He persisted with his desire to help those in need by joining the British Red Cross as a volunteer and treated countless wounded soldiers at London railway stations as they returned from the battlefields. The British Red Cross awarded him a medal for his life-saving work.

Dr Alcindor also carried out research and published articles on cancer, influenza, tuberculosis and syphilis. His research set the groundwork for the correlation between poverty, low quality food and unbalanced diets in poor health.
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John Alcindor (b.1873, d.1924)

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