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EmpowHER participants and youth workers: Artist
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Inspired by the Changi quilt made by women internees held in Changi prison during the Second World War, a group of EmpowHER participants and Youth Workers designed and created patches representing what they felt it meant to be a young woman or girl in 2021. Individual patches were sewn together by seamstress Alice Farrell to create a large quilt with 66 patches. The quilt is covered in inspiring messages of hope, strength, and encouragement, and the stories behind the patches are uplifting and empowering.
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Launched in 2018 to mark the centenary of women’s suffrage, EmpowHER was a youth-led three-and-a-half-year programme founded to inspire and empower young women and girls between the ages of 10 and 20 to lead change in their local communities. It was also formed to address the worryingly low levels of well-being among young women and girls, challenge limiting perceptions, and engage those who had never previously had opportunities to participate in meaningful social action. Projects included working with food banks and homeless charities, raising awareness of mental health issues and creating campaigns.

EmpowHER was funded by Spirit of 2012 and #iwillFund and was delivered in partnership by UK Youth, British Red Cross and the Young Women’s Trust.
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