EmpowHER quilt, patch 46

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Alice Farrell: Seamstress
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Alice, also known as Wildly Alice, was the seamstress for the EmpowHER quilt project. In addition to designing patches for the quilt, she sewed all 66 patches together to create one quilt.

Alice believes that creativity brings people together, explaining that "being able to witness everyone's talents and ideas and be the one to piece them together was just such an exciting prospect....You could clearly tell a lot of time and thought had gone into each patch, whether it was embroidered, glued, painted or digitally designed. Each time I received a parcel of patches, I just couldn't wait to open it up and discover all the incredible ideas inside."

Talking about the Changi quilt, Alice said, "Taking inspiration from the Changi quilt was a really lovely process for me. I didn't know about it before I took the project on, so seeing and reading the stories was fascinating. I loved the fact that the original quilt, much like this one, gave women a voice and boosted morale. It was very moving seeing and reading each of the patches on the EmpowHER quilt, getting an insight into what's important to the girls and young women involved. Seeing it all come together was a really powerful image."

"I really feel like the quilt showcases what it means to be an empowered woman and the journeys people have taken, especially through lockdown, and I'm very proud of everyone for creating such a masterpiece. I hope people will see the joy and power that can come from community and creativity."
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EmpowHER quilt seamstress: Alice Farrell

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