British Red Cross volunteer record card for Olive Middleton.

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British Red Cross volunteer record card for Olive Middleton, Kate Middleton’s great grandmother, who served as a cook during the First World War.
Kate Middleton’s great-grandmother Olive was one of the 90,000 British Red Cross volunteers who worked tirelessly to provide relief to the sick and wounded during the First World War.

In 2020, during the 150th anniversary of the British Red Cross, the Duchess of Cambridge wrote to 150 outstanding Red Cross staff and volunteers to thank them for their inspiring work during the Covid-19 pandemic, mentioning her own family ties to the charity:

"On this anniversary, I would like to thank and remember the many thousands of staff and volunteers who over the years have contributed tirelessly to the organisation's work, including my great-grandmother, Olive and my grandmother, Valerie who both served as a Voluntary Aid Detachments with the British Red Cross," wrote Kate. "Like you and many others, they are both part of the rich history of the British Red Cross, which is helping to ensure many people get the support they need during a crisis. In recent months, I have been deeply moved by the work you and your colleagues have continued to do throughout the coronavirus pandemic. You have all been doing an inspiring job supporting vulnerable people."
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