Framed embroidery of children

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Framed embroidery of children from different countries by Dame Anne Bryans. It is thought that the children represent the different countries linked with the Service Hospitals Welfare Department.
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Dame Anne Bryans, daughter of Col. Rt. Hon. Sir John Gilmour MP, joined the Red Cross in 1927. She worked in a number of hospitals until the beginning of the Second World War, when she became the head of the enquiry department of the Joint War Organisation of the Red Cross and Order of St John. In 1942 she pioneered a welfare service in service hospitals in the Middle East and later became commissioner responsible for relief work and other Red Cross activities throughout the command. She became the Chairman of the Service Hospitals Welfare Department in 1960; Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee in 1953; and Vice Chairman in 1964.' Dame Anne retired on Thursday 8th July 1976, after 50 years of voluntary service.
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Service Hospitals Welfare Department

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