Red Cross Week 4-10 May 1997 poster (Welsh version)

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Small poster: We need collectors and we're pinning our hopes on you. Mae angen casglwyr arnom, ac rydym yn bachu'n gobeithion arnoch chi. Cycylltwwch a ch Cangen leol: British Red Cross South West Wales Branch. 16 Spilman Street Carmarthen SA31 1JY. Red Cross Week 4-10 May 1997. Wythnos y Groes Goch 4-10 Mai 1997. Ref: 2900A/3W. Illustrated with a drawing of an ambulance, visiting an elderly person in their home and a wheelchair loan. With a colour image of a hand holding the emblem above a collecting box. Also produced with the Gwent Branch, Glamorgan Branch, Calon Cymru Branch and North Wales Branch address.
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