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First aid kit in a case made of hand sewn pigskin. Contained within a small box are the following: an enamel bowl, First Field Dressing, First Field Dressing (opened), W.O.W. bandage, tourniquet, roll of bandage, Boots linen thread (packet), 1 tin Elastoplast, packet Boracic Acid Powder, tin Bicarbonate of soda, jar of unidentified white crystals, bottle of Spirit of Sal Volatile, jar of Dettol ointment, tube of Tannafax tannic acid jelly, tube Boots Burnol ecriflavine cream. Loose within the first aid box: dressings dish containing two pairs of tweezers, 1 pair of scissors, 1 teaspoon, Fastnet Water Dressing bandage, box of cotton wool, packet plain gauze, 4 mine dressings of different sizes, packet of boric lint, 1 circular dressing, 1 crepe bandage, 1 grey triangular bandage, 1 razor cloth, box of Starlight matches (stored elsewhere).

A tourniquet was used to treat a haemorrhage to stop the bleeding. A tourniquet consisted of a band to encircle the limb and of an apparatus whereby the band may be sufficiently tightened to arrest the supply of blood in the main artery leading to the wound. Included in First Aid manuals until 1960 and not advised to use in the 1965 manual due to the growing awareness that they could make bleeding worse, could result in tissue damage and even gangrene.
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