The 'Glaseptic' Nebuliser with Throat Piece

Maker and role
Parke, Davis & Co: Manufacturer
Production date

The 'Glaseptic' Nebuliser with Throat Piece, in a labelled cardboard container with a printed leaflet. It was used to 'nebulise' or make into a mist, as an inhalant for common complaints such as sore throats and colds. The nebuliser consists of a clear glass body with disc stand, similar to a small perfume spray, with a fine rubber hose from a balloon pump. There are three separate glass tube attachments. These are nasal, laryngeal and throat tubes.
Collection Type
'The "Glaseptic" Nebuliser with throat-piece. Produces a very fine nebula with oily solutions. The throa-piece should not be used aqueous or alcoholic solutions unless they contain 25% of glycerin. Parke, Davis & Co. London.

Directions for using the "Glaseptic" Nebuliser. Remove the cork and pour into the Nebuliser a small quantity of Inhalant - a few drops will be sufficient, and in any case not more should be used than will reach half-way up the interior tubes - and spray in theb usual manner. Replace the cork immediately after used, to prevent evaporation, oxidation, or spilling of the liquid.

The Nebuliser can be cleaned by means of warm water, antiseptic solution, spirit or ether, the liquid being sprayed till the tubes are thoroughly clean.'
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