Pearl-handled penknife: 'Boulogne Sur Mer'

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Pearl-handled penknife: 'Boulogne Sur Mer.' Knife has two blades and corkscrew and bears the Red Cross emblem in red plastic next to the text 'Boulogne Sur Mer.'
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Boulogne, was one of the three base ports most extensively used by the Commonwealth armies on the Western Front throughout the First World War. It was closed and cleared on the 27 August 1914 when the Allies were forced to fall back ahead of the German advance, but was opened again in October and from that month to the end of the war, Boulogne and Wimereux formed one of the chief hospital areas.

Pearl-handled penknife with red cross emblem and 'Boulogne sur mer'; WWI. Boulogne was the administrative headquarters for British Red Cross work in France and Belgium during the First World War. Many units were stationed in the town, including the main Stores Depot, a very large vehicle repair shop, hospital and ambulance units and the Red Cross post office. The penknife was possibly a souvenir and may have been sold to raise funds.
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British Red Cross Society. Oxfordshire Branch
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