pre-printed letter enclosed within gift box from American Junior Red Cross

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Pre-printed letter enclosed within gift box: 'To our friends in other lands from your friends in the United States. We send you this gift box with our friendly greetings. Our classroom enjoyed filling it for you as part of our Junior Red Cross activities. We hope the little gifts will help to remind you of your friends in the United States of America. The name of our school and the names of the boys and girls who filled this box appear on the inside of this envelope. We would be happy if you would write to our school using the space privided inside.' Written in Spanish, German and French. Gift box was sent from Fargo Central High School, Fargo, N. Dakota. The teacher was Ms Ragnlie, Fargo, N. Dakota chapter. Gift box was filled by Jennifer Raden and Jennifer Morken.
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American Junior Red Cross

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