One of a set of large posters illustrating the services of the British Red Cross: Nursing Aid Service.

Production date
Circa 1947

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Large poster with 6 black and white illustrations (photographic): Nursing Aid Service: The Red Cross member detailed at the request of the District Nurse, arrives at the door of the patient's house. The Lady Superintendent who is also the District Nurse, gives final instructions to the Red Cross member, before leaving to lecture to the BRCS Detachment. The Red Cross member of duty says goodbye to the family leaving for work and school. The District Nurse demonstrates how to prevent drop-foot in a bed-ridden patient. The Red Cross member will continue the treament under her supervision. Some serious cases require constant attention. The Red Cross member is checking the thermometer prior to including the patient's pulse and temperature in her report to the District Nurse. On Night Duty. With pillows comfortable and a warm drink, the patient settles down for a good night's rest. Service Series No. 2 issued from 14, Grosvenor Crescent, SW1. Printed by I. Labworth & Co., Tudor Road, London, E9.
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British Red Cross Society

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