British Red Cross emergency response blanket

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These fleece blankets are used by British Red Cross colleagues when they are providing relief to people in crisis in the UK. The British Red Cross has played and continues to play an important role in responding to emergencies in the UK, such as fires and floods. This involves providing food, practical and emotional support, as well as providing wheelchairs.

Anything with our emblem on it sends shivers down my spine as I think about the impact that that emblem makes in allowing Red Cross and Red Crescent colleagues access to people in need.

The blanket always reminds me of the time my husband, an ambulance support volunteer, turned up at the home of a very sick elderly woman to take her into hospital for treatment. She looked at him in his British Red Cross uniform and asked if he was with the ambulance service or Red Cross. He thought she might be feeling Red Cross was a bit second rate to the ambulance service, she however was very excited he was British Red Cross because she donated monthly to the Red Cross and now they were coming to help her. When they got to hospital they admitted her, complete with her British Red Cross Emergency Response blanket. When my husband returned to the ward to admit another patient he saw the lady snuggled up under her British Red Cross blanket, clearly feeling safe and secure.

As a Trustee, I chair the British Red Cross Emblem Committee and so I have a special responsibility in making sure we protect the emblem and the important role it plays as we carry out our work.

Turning up displaying the emblem engenders trust and results in vulnerable individuals around the globe feeling safe and allows Red Cross and Red Crescent colleagues to make a real difference to people in crisis.

Audio recording by Gill Moffat, Trustee of the British Red Cross
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