Wright's coal tar vaporizer

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Wright Layman and Umney Ltd
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A vaporizer unit in the original cardboard packaging which is badly torn. The box also contains a glass bottle with a black screw-on lid of 'Wright's coal tar vaporizing liquid' with a label, and a small paper envelope containing a 'professional sample' of Wright's coal tar soap.

Directions for use are printed on the box together with a picture of the vaporizer. Further text on the box reads: 'This package contains six night lights' of which only one remains inside the vaporizer and is partly used. Other text reads:

Made in England by Wright Layman and Umney Ltd, Southwark, London. Ingredients: Naphthalenum 1.50%, cresol B.P. 88.50%.

Instructive text is also printed on metal vaporizer itself: 'For diffusing the valuable antiseptic constituents of Wright's Coal Tar Soap and Liquor Carbonis Detergens. Invaluable for Whooping Cough, Influenza, Croup and all infections of the Respiratory Organs.'
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British Red Cross Society

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